Mid-season Musings

I read an article today about how this tax season is worse than prior years. As a tax preparer, I can see it. I personally started this tax season with unmatched gusto, ready to take on the world. I wasn’t sure how long that burst of extraordinary productivity would last, but I ran out of steam right before the halfway mark. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my job, and I’m still glad to be here. I’m not burnt out, but I have to admit I feel a little daunted. There are some big issues this year that have made more work not only for your favorite tax experts at Moore Refunds, but also for taxpayers. Especially if you live in North Carolina, as we do. If healthcare weren’t enough (it really would have been enough, guys), we’re also dealing with some major changes in our state tax code. It’s been a blindside for some people. I think that’s a sportsball reference, and I hope I used it correctly. At any rate, state tax has not been super fun. It’s definitely simpler, and I think it will be better next year.

As for the rest, I’m grateful for the resources available to me, and I’m grateful for clients who bring me their problems and trust me to resolve them. This week we’re working on lots of farms and corporate returns, because of the March 15 deadline. Farms are kinda fun. I got to depreciate some cows last week. Did you know you can depreciate cows? That’s a thing.

Seriously, I love my job. I may or may not be dreaming of vacations with sand and saltwater and lots and lots of books, but we have 30 more days to go. 30 days! That’s actually not long at all. On that note, I’ve also heard that there are more “procrastinators” this year than in recent years. I didn’t check the statistics in the article I read (how much time do you think I have – I’m shocked I had time to read it at all), but that sounds about right. I have a feeling the next 5 weeks are going to be really busy. And I’m ready for my second wind.

Bring it on, second half. I’m ready.